Welcome To The Official Website of Comet Life

Heya Comets!

The Comet Life Team is happy to launch our official website – cometlife.org. With the major success and expansion from our first year at UT Dallas, we are more than thrilled for this academic year as we become an official student organization and club on campus – and continue to connect more students together.

Just in our first year, we started up our Instagram Page (where we welcomed the Class of 2022), as well as the UT Dallas Discord Server – which now to this date has over 2,100+ UT Dallas students, faculty, and organizations on.

This summer, we welcomed over hundreds of incoming Class of 2023 Comets on our Instagram Page as well, and this upcoming school year – we plan on turning our social media platforms into the #1 account for events, activities, and communities for UT Dallas.

With our website, we will be providing detailed information about our organization, links to our communities, updates about our progess, and additional services for students to use and get connected together. If you have any ideas for stuff we could put on our website, be sure to let us know!

Why the name temoc.org?
Great question! We looked to do some cool things like comet.life or cometlife.com – but those were taken. Additionally utdcometlife.com sounded too long and like any other club website, so we decided to go with the name of our Official Mascot, Temoc. Not only is it also easier to memorize if we advertise it in person, but it additionally represents what our organization is for – school spirit and student involvement & connectivity. With the launch of Comet Life Community Sites, yourname.temoc.org sounds wayyyy better for your club’s website rather than yourname.utdcometlife.com. 🙂

Eric Aaberg
President of Comet Life
[email protected]